Created as a partnership between two friends passionate about design and making of furniture, DESTALE is a dynamic and innovative brand that intends to become a leading brand in the world of billiard.

Destale is mainly focused on the creation and manufacture of design billiard tables.

Our desire to break the codes of traditional billiards with new design, shapes and finishing became quickly obvious to us.

Each model designed is based on this philosophy, drawing also its inspiration from the new trends that are emerging in our daily lives.

Innovation and continuous improvement are part of the core values behind DESTAL.


The structure of our billiards is made from water-repellent MDF. This material is often used for the design of high-end furniture, since it can be worked perfectly and makes it possible to produce rare and exclusive models.

DESTALE billiards can be also made from mahogany wood, oak, walnut and other noble woods.


The chassis and base of our billiard tables are made of anti-corrosion steel. Equipped with adjustable hydraulic actuators, the flatness of each billiard can be set with an accuracy of 1/10 mm. The chassis is designed and adapted as per shape and specificities of each one of our models.


The playing surface of our billiards consists of 3 pieces of 30 mm slate. This material was chosen because it is simply the densest and the most adapted for shooting pools.

Carefully selected and BCA compliant, our slate parts are diamond rectified and then polished. The slate guarantees precision during installation and exceptional flatness for an optimal game.


The strips installed on our billiards are mainly made of rubber. Respecting a quality dedicated to competitions, the bands insure a stable performance for the game with a rebound accuracy of balls and an over-time robustness.


To optimize the quality of game, we always use rugs from a renowned brand in the billiard world «Iwan Simonis».